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Husband and wife foodie team out to graze Sacramento.
Richard's most loving contribution to Olivia: introducing her to spider rolls
Olivia's most loving contribution to Richard: introducing him to chicken tikka masala

She Said: I'm an (almost) 30-year old multi-talented procrastinator (I can start more fabulously creative projects and not finish them faster than you can say "Martha Stewart") with a serious foodie habit. As the ever-chameleon Gemini, my life is a non-stop carousel of wacky contradictions, and my foodie habit is not spared. Because we have no kids and the dog is low-maintenance, what better way to flush our limited expendable income than on gastronomic luxuries?

He Said: I wish I was raised Italian. Not so much for the gun wielding goomba culture which HBO has made so popular. More so for the sauce. You should also know that my nickname when it comes to the kitchen should be "Goat". And no, that does not stand for "Greatest of All-Time" (although that's my nickname in a different room in the house). You can call me Goat due to the fact that I'll pretty much eat anything. I'll try to be more selective for these reviews. "Try" being the key word.